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Internet+ mobile subscription (ex MPME), mobile payment solution

Micropayment News : Internet+ mobile subscription (ex MPME), mobile payment solution

Internet+ mobile subscription solution is a mobile payment solution which will bring you recurring revenue on your French web site or application. With this payment solution, you can make payable the content of your website …

Maintenance made

Micropayment News : Maintenance made

Dear partners, dear customers, A technical maintenance was made early this morning on our micropayment solutions systems. It was completed successfully, and our administrators do not noticed any incident. However, if you notice any dysfuntion …

Micropayment News by Francois

MPME – Mobile Internet+ micropayment available

Micropayment News : MPME – Mobile Internet+ micropayment available

The MPME or Mobile Internet+ is available on the virtual currency forms and the standard micropayment forms. This secured micro payment solution allows french internet users to pay with a mobile phone your online contents …

Micropayment News by Francois

PSMS micropayment : new countries

Micropayment News : PSMS micropayment : new countries

New countries and new price points are available for PSMS micropayment. New countries Bosnia and Herzegovina : PSMS price points at 0.59 and 2.34 BAM Estonia : PSMS price points at 0.96, 1.60 and 3.20 …

Micropayment News by Francois

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