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Discovering the micropayment


Discovering the micropayment by Francois


In this post, you will discover everything about micropayment : what it is, its benefits, how the system works, who can use it, the payment means which are proposed, how to choose the micropayment supplier, what affiliation is etc.

The micropayment

Micropayment is a payment service which allows the webmaster of a website to make it profitable by selling its contents at low prices. Internet users can buy services, photos, videos, articles, credits, virtual goods on games websites, etc.

This way of payment is also very used to buy ringtones, logos, etc. for cellphones. TV games shows are using it for voting (Reality TV shows) or for draws.


Micropayment is a convenient and reliable alternative for traditional payments. For small amounts, traditional payment means involve extra fees and are not accessible to everyone ; this is not the case for micropayment.

This system offers many benefits to the users :

  1. Security : the delivered access code can only be used once, and cannot be stolen.
  2. Convenience : no registration required.
  3. Easiness : only one access code to enter.
  4. Speed : most transactions are made within 10 seconds.
  5. Confidentiality : the user remains anonymous and does not have to enter personal data on the merchant website.
  6. Budget management : no surprises on bank statement or internet service bill (for French Internet+ payment).

Micropayment also offers benefits to suppliers and web merchants :

  1. Simplicity : this payment solution is very easy to integrate on the website.
  2. Immediacy : which gives satisfaction to the customer.
  3. Discretion : to protect payment information and the customer’s identity.
  4. Best conversion rate : one click purchase, no need to create an account.
  5. Guarantee : no renunciation possibility, no fraud risk.

Understanding Rentabiliweb micropayment

  1. How does the Rentabiliweb micropayment work ?
  2. The Rentabiliweb system gives you the opportunity to make your website files paying (written documents, photos, videos or other contents). Their access is also limited by one or several paying access codes.

    For example, as your customer calls a premium rate number, he pays for an access code. Then he enters this code in a form to access to your file. The transaction cost will be billed to the customer, you will earn a commission as soon as he has entered the code and as soon as this code is validated.

    The Rentabiliweb system, which is fully securised and authorized, certifies to the working of this mechanism.

    Micropayment : system working

  3. 1.What are premium rate numbers ?
  4. Premium rate numbers are telephone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided, and for which higher than normal prices are charged. Unlike a normal call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider, thus enabling businesses to be funded via the calls.

    UK numbers—notably 0870 and 0871—are also charged at higher than standard rates. You can also find premium rate SMS numbers, known as Premium SMS.

  5. What is an access code ?
  6. It is a combination of letters and figures that Rentabiliweb provides to your customers to pay the access to your website paying contents. It is of course possible to get one or several codes with the premium rate number server.

Conditions of use : who can use Rentabiliweb ?

Companies and private individuals can use services provided by Rentabiliweb. Only private individuals who are over 18 years of age are entitled to use our micro payment solutions, and consequently to receive outpayments.

Action field : what kind of websites use Rentabiliweb ?

If they comply with the law, every website can use Rentabiliweb’s micropayment solutions. Therefore it is forbidden to use Rentabiliweb solutions : for illegal downloads, websites which encourage violence, racism, homophobia, etc.

Moreover, adult websites are not allowed by for ethical reasons. They are encouraged to join the Bepass platform, a subsidiary of the Rentabiliweb Group.

Understanding affiliation

The affiliation (or affiliate marketing) is a marketing / promotional practice particular to the Internet sector. It is the way that a merchant website offers a partner websites network (affiliated websites) to promote its services with banners or text links. Depending on circumstances, affiliates are paid a commission on sales, visits or business contacts generated from their links.

With Rentabiliweb, affiliates are paid a commission on sales that affiliators made through them.

Affiliation : working process

The affiliation through Rentabiliweb

Rentabiliweb allows you to create your affiliation program and to transfer commissions to your affiliated partners. All is automatic. We discreetly manage your affiliations technical back office (registrations, automatic emails, statistics/earnings) and your affiliate’s payment.

You just have to set :

  • The site : the site where you want to create an affiliation program ;
  • The name of your program : the name that will be used to identify the affiliation program on your list ;
  • The access page URL : the URL where the internet user will be rerouted by clicking on the script received by your partners ;
  • The description of your service : the description of your payable content ;
  • The URL of your logo : it is the address of your website logo or of the image which will promote your site. The script supplied to your future partners will show this image and will allow the rerouting to the access page that you have set (please see above) ;
  • The cookie validity : when an internet user clicks on the image (representing your site) which is present on the affiliate’s site, a cookie is created on his computer. You can select “For life” (the internet user has just to be sent once through the affiliate’s site, the earnings will then be divided for each sale) or “Once only” (the internet user will need to go through the affiliate’s site so that the affiliate can get his share of the earnings) ;
  • The outpayments : it is the percentage or the amount that your affiliated partners will earn on each sale made thanks to them. You can set the one shot outpayments (for each code entered, your affiliated partner will receive the selected percentage) and the credit card outpayments (useful for our premium and prestige customers ; your affiliated partner will receive the selected percentage). If you want to set your partner’s outpayment with fixed amounts, you have to use the affiliation variables and to create an outpayment program.

Affiliate marketing is a source of turnover for affiliated partners, for platforms and merchants on the internet. It is a cost-effective method which brings in long-lasting gradable results.

The benefits of this method are that no payment is owed as long as the results are not established. The merchant also gets visibility and communication concerning the products of its target market.

There are also benefits for the affiliated partner because :

  • he is considered as a purchase advisor on the determined target, which promotes his content ;
  • the affiliation program allows him to generate an (extra) income which monetizes his content.

Phone billing and PSMS : the micropayment basis

As explained before, micropayment is a payment service which allows webmasters to make their websites profitable by selling contents at low prices.

Therefore, phone billing and Premium SMS (PSMS) are great ways to reach customers who do not have access to the traditional payment means (Bank card for example).

According to a french survey published in 2009 (IFOP survey), 29% of the French Internet users pay with phone billing, and 26% pay with Premium SMS.

The micropayment success is explained by the following benefits :

  • No personal data entry
  • Confidentiality : users stay anonymous
  • The billing is made by the phone service provider

Phone billing micropayment

The customer dials a premium rate phone number to get an access code which will allow him to pay for the service that he wants to buy on your website.

Premium SMS micropayment

The customer sends a keyword to a short code (a premium rated number). He receives in return an access code to pay for the service that he wants to get on your website.

These micro payment solutions (phone billing and Premium SMS micropayment) are set up by specialized and fully secured platforms. They are developed by Rentabiliweb, number one company for monetizing the audience on Internet in Europe.

Concerning phone billing, outpayments are made according to the call duration. Rentabiliweb is the only micropayment provider offering many call scenario durations for France (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes).
In the same way, Rentabiliweb proposes several Premium SMS price points which will allow you to sell contents of your website.

To know more about these price points and the outpayments, please consult our outpayments grid.

Rentabiliweb micropayment types

Our secure online micropayment solutions allow you to monetize the access to all your online services and contents (paying games, article, videos, etc.). They display all the available payment types (Phone billing, SMS Premium, Internet+, prepaid cards, bank card). Our offer is available in France, french Overseas Departments and Territories and over 40 countries at different payment price points according to your needs.

Phone billing micropayment

To access to the paying content, customers dial a premium rate phone number to get an access code. This system, also called IVR or Pay by call, is set by specialized platforms, for example Rentabiliweb.
A very reliable security system is linked to this micropayment system with validity duration.
This system aims at customers who cannot pay per bank card. The cost is generally cheap : 1,349€/call+ 0.337€/min for the phone billing Rentabiliweb Getpass C.

Rentabiliweb Phone Billing Micropayment : more…

Premium SMS micropayment

To access to the paying content thanks to the Premium SMS micropayment, customers send a keyword to a short code (for example CODE to 71001). The access code is sent to the customer on his mobile phone in answer to the message previously sent. The short code where customers send their messages is a premium rated number, which allows to generate earnings on each customer SMS.

Rentabiliweb premium SMS Micropayment : more…

Prepaid Card micropayment (french Neosurf, italian OnNET)

To access to the paying content, customers are entering first their email address to receive the code that they want to buy. Then they make the purchase by entering their Neosurf or OnNET card number and by validating the transaction.

Rentabiliweb Prepaid Card Micropayment : more…

Internet+ micropayment

To access to the paying content thanks to the Internet+ micropayment, customers are entering first their email address to receive the code that they want to buy. Then they validate the transaction which is summarized on their screen. As they validate, the purchase is charged on their internet service bill and they receive the code that they have just purchased on the email precised at the beginning.

Rentabiliweb Internet+ Micropayment : more…

Bank card micropayment

To access to the paying content, customers enter the bank card data and their personal data (fist name, last name, email). Once the transaction is validated, they receive the access code in a popup and in an email.

Rentabiliweb Bank Card Micropayment : more…

All the payment and transactions systems are secured and authorized. The PCI (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard) approval is renewed quarterly since April 2008. He proves the Rentabiliweb security conformity with the highest security Visa/American Express/Mastercard standards concerning credit card data management.

Choosing his micropayment provider

Choosing a micropayment provider is important ; testimonies on specialized forums are key factors that cannot be ignored in your seeking.
However, you must make your own own opinion according to your expectations and your market.

Micropayment : provider choice criteria

To do the right choice, we advice you to consider the following criteria to make your decision :

  • Financial company sustainability (lifetime, know-how level, public company) ;
  • Outpayments level (grid clearness, comparison simplicity) ;
  • Payment types range ;
  • Countries covered ;
  • Security and reliability of the system offered ;
  • Customers services availability and reactivity ;
  • Innovation ability.

Obviously, Rentabiliweb makes its best to gather and maintain these criteria at their highest level, but the goal of this post is to stay evenhanded and to advise webmasters on the right way to choose their micro payment solutions, avoiding them to commit mistakes.