Monday 15 August 2022

Choosing his micropayment provider


Micro payment by Francois

Choosing a micropayment provider is important ; testimonies on specialized forums are key factors that cannot be ignored in your seeking.
However, you must make your own own opinion according to your expectations and your market.

Micropayment : provider choice criteria

To do the right choice, we advice you to consider the following criteria to make your decision :

  • Financial company sustainability (lifetime, know-how level, public company) ;
  • Outpayments level (grid clearness, comparison simplicity) ;
  • Payment types range ;
  • Countries covered ;
  • Security and reliability of the system offered ;
  • Customers services availability and reactivity ;
  • Innovation ability.

Obviously, Rentabiliweb makes its best to gather and maintain these criteria at their highest level, but the goal of this post is to stay evenhanded and to advise webmasters on the right way to choose their micro payment solutions, avoiding them to commit mistakes.