Saturday 01 October 2022

Phone billing and PSMS : the micropayment basis


Micro payment by Francois

As explained before, micropayment is a payment service which allows webmasters to make their websites profitable by selling contents at low prices.

Therefore, phone billing and Premium SMS (PSMS) are great ways to reach customers who do not have access to the traditional payment means (Bank card for example).

According to a french survey published in 2009 (IFOP survey), 29% of the French Internet users pay with phone billing, and 26% pay with Premium SMS.

The micropayment success is explained by the following benefits :

  • No personal data entry
  • Confidentiality : users stay anonymous
  • The billing is made by the phone service provider

Phone billing micropayment

The customer dials a premium rate phone number to get an access code which will allow him to pay for the service that he wants to buy on your website.

Premium SMS micropayment

The customer sends a keyword to a short code (a premium rated number). He receives in return an access code to pay for the service that he wants to get on your website.

These micro payment solutions (phone billing and Premium SMS micropayment) are set up by specialized and fully secured platforms. They are developed by Rentabiliweb, number one company for monetizing the audience on Internet in Europe.

Concerning phone billing, outpayments are made according to the call duration. Rentabiliweb is the only micropayment provider offering many call scenario durations for France (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes).
In the same way, Rentabiliweb proposes several Premium SMS price points which will allow you to sell contents of your website.

To know more about these price points and the outpayments, please consult our outpayments grid.