Monday 29 November 2021

Understanding affiliation


Micro payment by Francois

The affiliation (or affiliate marketing) is a marketing / promotional practice particular to the Internet sector. It is the way that a merchant website offers a partner websites network (affiliated websites) to promote its services with banners or text links. Depending on circumstances, affiliates are paid a commission on sales, visits or business contacts generated from their links.

With Rentabiliweb, affiliates are paid a commission on sales that affiliators made through them.

Affiliation : working process

The affiliation through Rentabiliweb

Rentabiliweb allows you to create your affiliation program and to transfer commissions to your affiliated partners. All is automatic. We discreetly manage your affiliations technical back office (registrations, automatic emails, statistics/earnings) and your affiliate’s payment.

You just have to set :

  • The site : the site where you want to create an affiliation program ;
  • The name of your program : the name that will be used to identify the affiliation program on your list ;
  • The access page URL : the URL where the internet user will be rerouted by clicking on the script received by your partners ;
  • The description of your service : the description of your payable content ;
  • The URL of your logo : it is the address of your website logo or of the image which will promote your site. The script supplied to your future partners will show this image and will allow the rerouting to the access page that you have set (please see above) ;
  • The cookie validity : when an internet user clicks on the image (representing your site) which is present on the affiliate’s site, a cookie is created on his computer. You can select “For life” (the internet user has just to be sent once through the affiliate’s site, the earnings will then be divided for each sale) or “Once only” (the internet user will need to go through the affiliate’s site so that the affiliate can get his share of the earnings) ;
  • The outpayments : it is the percentage or the amount that your affiliated partners will earn on each sale made thanks to them. You can set the one shot outpayments (for each code entered, your affiliated partner will receive the selected percentage) and the credit card outpayments (useful for our premium and prestige customers ; your affiliated partner will receive the selected percentage). If you want to set your partner’s outpayment with fixed amounts, you have to use the affiliation variables and to create an outpayment program.

Affiliate marketing is a source of turnover for affiliated partners, for platforms and merchants on the internet. It is a cost-effective method which brings in long-lasting gradable results.

The benefits of this method are that no payment is owed as long as the results are not established. The merchant also gets visibility and communication concerning the products of its target market.

There are also benefits for the affiliated partner because :

  • he is considered as a purchase advisor on the determined target, which promotes his content ;
  • the affiliation program allows him to generate an (extra) income which monetizes his content.