Sunday 23 January 2022

The micropayment


Micro payment by Francois

Micropayment is a payment service which allows the webmaster of a website to make it profitable by selling its contents at low prices. Internet users can buy services, photos, videos, articles, credits, virtual goods on games websites, etc.

This way of payment is also very used to buy ringtones, logos, etc. for cellphones. TV games shows are using it for voting (Reality TV shows) or for draws.


Micropayment is a convenient and reliable alternative for traditional payments. For small amounts, traditional payment means involve extra fees and are not accessible to everyone ; this is not the case for micropayment.

This system offers many benefits to the users :

  1. Security : the delivered access code can only be used once, and cannot be stolen.
  2. Convenience : no registration required.
  3. Easiness : only one access code to enter.
  4. Speed : most transactions are made within 10 seconds.
  5. Confidentiality : the user remains anonymous and does not have to enter personal data on the merchant website.
  6. Budget management : no surprises on bank statement or internet service bill (for French Internet+ payment).

Micropayment also offers benefits to suppliers and web merchants :

  1. Simplicity : this payment solution is very easy to integrate on the website.
  2. Immediacy : which gives satisfaction to the customer.
  3. Discretion : to protect payment information and the customer’s identity.
  4. Best conversion rate : one click purchase, no need to create an account.
  5. Guarantee : no renunciation possibility, no fraud risk.