Sunday 26 June 2022

Bank Card micro payment : the file


Bank Card micro payment by Francois


Rentabiliweb is a firm specialized in micro payment offering numerous micro-payment solutions such as IVR, Premium SMS, the virtual currency form and Internet+ box (French ISP billing) and mobile (French carrier billing).

In this file, micropayment thanks to bank card will be dealt with. You will learn how it works, its benefits as well as how to proceed to pay thanks to a bank card through a virtual currency form.

Micro payment with a Bank Card

Micro payment thanks to a bank card allows you to monetize a large audience of your website in an easy and quick way. It is highly appreciated by customers.

  • 43% of online payments, in France, in 2010 have been done with a bank
    card (Visa or Mastercard). Fédération bancaire française, March 2012.

Online bank card payment is one of the most popular online payment solutions of the current micropayment market.

  • 79% of online customers have already used their bank card as an online payment solution. Févad et Médiamétrie, 2012.

Online bank card payment allows easy and securised transactions. Online payment is done in a few clicks.

Test bank card payment

Overall Bank Card functioning

Bank card is an online payment solution adopted by customers. This authorizes online contents and digital services access for everyone. Indeed, the broad interbank network is accessible to foreign (non-French) internet surfers. They can buy your products, on your website, in your currency. The Bank card security system is regularly updated by banks. Thus, online bank card payment is one of the most reliable online payment solutions.

Bank Card micropayment benefits

Webmaster’s benefits

  1. Rentabiliweb is part of the European Interbank Network and is approved by the Banque de France. It makes Rentabiliweb a recognized expert in online bank card payments sector.
  2. Online bank card payment is considered as the easiest online payment solution by a lot of online customers.
    • In 2011 in France, there were 440,3 M. online bank card payment acts (€28,7 billions of euros)., 2012.
  3. The bank card penetration rate is very high and is constantly increasing.
    • In France, in 2011, there were 60 millions of bank cards (+0.5%)., 2012
  4. Mastercard and Visa networks are international. Consequently, web surfers everywhere in the world can pay on your website.

Buyers’ benefits

  1. Bank card micropayment is a recognized, quick, convenient and safe micropayment solution.
    • Visa and Mastercard© have developed the 3D-SECURE technology, a trustable online payments through bank card securitization tool.
  2. Rentabiliweb, which is an expert in security, uses, in addition with security systems already in place (3D-SECURE), its own securitization systems (anti-fraud systems especially).
  3. Online purchase tracking is available on the consumer’s bank website.

Bank card micropayment is one of the simplest and quickest online payment solutions.

Demo of bank card micropayment

You are a webmaster and you sell your website’s contents thanks to Rentabiliweb micropayment solutions, especially with the bank card one.

Here is the purchase process demonstration with a “virtual currency” type online payment form:

1: Your customer selects the virtual currency amount wished and types his/her email address.

virtual currency purchase with Bank Card : offer choice

2: Your customer types his/her bank card number, expiration date and CVV and then validates the information entered.

virtual currency purchase with Bank Card : information required

3: A transaction confirmation screen appears. It sums up the purchase and the overall information linked.

virtual currency purchase with Bank Card : purchase summary