Sunday 26 June 2022

Internet+ (ISP) micropayment : the file


Internet+ (ISP) micropayment by Francois


This file will be dedicated to the ISP micropayment by Internet+. You will learn its working, its benefits, the Internet+ payment process of your customers with Rentabiliweb. You will also learn everything about the subscription by Internet+ with Rentabiliweb : its working, its benefits, the process for the subscribers, etc.

Internet+ micropayment : working and benefits

Rentabiliweb allows you to monetize your contents thanks to many micropayment types :

  • Phone billing
  • SMS Premium
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank card
  • Internet+ (Internet service provider)

Let’s talk about Internet+ (Internet Service Provider) : what is it exactly ? How does this payment type work ? What are the benefits ?

Global working of Internet+

Internet+ is a secure online payment, available in France only. It allows french internet users to buy easily contents and services. The payment is directly charged on their internet service provider invoice.
Moreover, no personal data are entered when the user buy with Internet+.

Internet+ benefits

  1. With Internet+, subscribers to a french internet service provider member of the Internet+ service (Alice, Free, Orange, SFR) can buy services and contents of your website.
  2. Their purchases are charged directly on their internet service provider invoice without any extra fees.
  3. No personal data is needed because your clients are automatically identified by their internet service provider.

Payment with Internet+ thanks to Rentabiliweb

One shot payment

You are webmaster, you are selling your sites contents the contents thanks to the Rentabiliweb micropayment solutions , and particularly with Internet+.

Please see below is the Internet+ purchase process :

1 : Your French customers click on the Internet+ logo in the payment form

Internet+ Micropayment , Step 1 : click

2 : They choose the number of codes they want to buy

3 : They enter the email where they want to receive the codes and go on the next step

Internet+ Micropayment, Steps 2 and 3 : entries

4 : They confirm the transaction

Internet+ Micropayment, Step 4 : confirmation

5 : The transaction is validated : the purchased codes are displayed in a popup and they are also sent by email

Internet+ Micropayment, Step 5 : payment ok

6 : They enter a code and validate their purchases on your website

nternet+ Micropayment, Step 6 : entry of the access code

NEW ! Subscription payment system “Rebilling solution” (premium and prestige customers)

Rentabiliweb is the only provider offering a rebilling Internet+ solution.

This solution will allow you to make your loyalest customers purchases easier and to get recurrent incomes.

It is available per several offers: weekly offers (up to 5 Euros), monthly offers (up to 10 Euros), quarterly offers (up to 25 Euros).

Webmaster’s benefits

  • Subscription is automatically renewed until it is terminated by the subscriber
  • Allows recurring income
  • Payment system that has the confidence of users
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Innovative formula

Buyer’s benefits

  • Automatic payment method smooth and fast
  • Subscription terminable at any time
  • A unique code for the entire duration of the subscription
  • No personal data entry
  • Follow of purchases in real time in the section of its Internet access provider account

Rebilling Internet+ solution demo

Micropayment : Internet+ subscription

Here are the Rentabiliweb’s offers :

Internet+ rebilling offers

Please click to access the Internet+ rebilling outpayments.

Here below is the Internet+ rebilling purchase process :

1 : Your French customers click on the button « Obtenir un ticket/Get a ticket» in the payment form

Internet+ rebilling, Step 1 : click

2 : They choose the subscription offer (amongst the offers that you have set in the Internet+ rebilling document on your Rentabiliweb account)

3 : They enter the email where they want to receive their subscription codes and validate the purchase

Internet+ rebilling, Steps 2 and 3 : choice and entries

4 : Transaction confirmation

Internet+ rebilling, Step 4 : confirmation

5 : The transaction is validated : the purchased code is displayed in a popup and it is also sent by email

Internet+ rebilling, Step 5 : payment ok

6 : He enters his access code and gets the services of the subscription

Internet+ rebilling, Step 6 : access code entry

NB : If you are managing the membres of your website with a database, you can receive informations about your customers transactions (reference, amount, etc.) on a callback url that you indicate when you create / modify an Internet+ rebilling document.


The unsubscribe process is very simple : your customer has just to click on the unsubscribation link in the email he received and it will be cancelled by his Internet Access Provider immediately.

He can also go through the URL, and then choose his Internet access provider, put his username and password and select the subscription he wishes to terminate.