Sunday 26 June 2022

Virtual currency : the file


Virtual currency by Francois


In this file, you will find the complete useful information about the Rentabiliweb virtual currency solution : its working with normal payment means, or with the partners offerwalls ; its main benefits ; its way to setup ; etc.

Rentabiliweb’s virtual currency solution

Suiting perfectly the online game market, this micropayment solution allows you to manage easier the way that you are selling credits to your players.

Thanks to this solution, your players can get credits :

  • either by using one of our micropayment types,
  • or by completing the offers of our sponsors through the partners offerwalls.

Virtual currency working

Buy virtual currency with our micropayment methods

  1. Your customers choose the micropayment type that they want to use (IVR, Premium SMS, ISP, Prepaid Card, Bank Card) ;
  2. They click on the price point they want and validate their order (for example : 70 coins for 3€) ;
  3. Once the purchase is made, your earnings are updated in real time and appear under the heading “Virtual Currency”.

Buy virtual currency with the partners offerwalls

  1. When your customers register or complete a form, they receive the amount of virtual currency specified on the right of the offer ;
  2. The sponsor is in charge of paying the amount of the allocated credits ;
  3. Your earnings are updated in real time and appear under the heading “Virtual Currency”.

The Rentabiliweb’s benefit

By purchasing their virtual currency by Bank Card, ISP or Neosurf, your customer’s accounts are directly credited with the money, without the need for a code !

Advantages of the Rentabiliweb’s virtual currency form

It is entirely dedicated to your needs :

  • Customize the form according to your needs ;
  • Set up a currency name and icon ;
  • Define the conversion levels (for example : 3€ = 10 credits, 5€ = 20 credits, etc.).

Your customers credit their account in only a few clicks :

  • Optimization of the levels according to their preferences ;
  • Automatic geopositioning ;
  • No code to enter if they purchase by Bank Card, Internet+ or Neosurf.

Virtual currency setup

  1. Create a Virtual Currency document in your member area, Doc. management section ;
  2. Give a name to your currency (for example : golds, credits, coins, etc.) ;
  3. Define the amount of allocated money for 1 euro earned (for example : 50 coins for 1 euro) ;
  4. Copy/paste the script (which is generated after the document creation) on your page our your application : the script calculates automatically the amount of virtual currency for each price point and optimizes all the available payment methods.


You earn the same outpayments as for the micropayment codes which are entered on your website.

To know all your outpayments, please go to the outpayments page of the website