Wednesday 30 September 2020

Discover your new statistics module !


Micropayment News by Francois

Resolutely oriented towards the WEB 2.0 new technology, the Rentabiliweb statistics module is programmed in AJAX/FLASH. This statistic module allows you to know your customers characteristics and purchase habits in details so that you can easily optimize your turnover.

Here are a few of the functions :

  • General statistics : This graph allows you to display your earnings and those of your affiliates.
  • Detailed statistics : choose this first to display the submitted tickets and your earnings in real time.
  • Filter use: the Rentabiliweb statistics console has infinite possibilities ! Thanks to the integrated filters, you can display your statistics by choosing a selection criterion (country, payment type, site…).
  • Monitoring panel : thanks to this panel, you will have an immediate and precise view of all the figures to remember like your submitted tickets record, your earnings record, the daily stats etc …

Click here to discover this module with a video