Sunday 26 June 2022

Internet+ mobile subscription (ex MPME), mobile payment solution


Internet+ mobile subscription solution is a mobile payment solution which will bring you recurring revenue on your French web site or application.
With this payment solution, you can make payable the content of your website with a quick and easy subscription (VIP area, premium access, etc.), whatever the device used by the user to access it (tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC).

What is the Internet+ mobile subscription ?

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Internet+ mobile subscription (ex MPME) solution is the recurring payment solution that fits to every device, mobile or classical, with a quick, easy and secure payment process.

Different price points are available in order to answer precisely to the different offers : price points up to €5/week and up to €10/month.

Who are the customers who can subscribe with Internet+ mobile ?

Every clients from MNO Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR can use this innovative solution. The payment is very easy, in 1 click on a mobile phone. The purchase amount is then debited from their mobile phone bill.

internet+ mobile subscription, example

What can I do to get Internet+ mobile subscription ?

You just have to contact your client service manager or send us an email to :

The content of your website will be submitted for validation according to the AFMM and french mobile operators rules.

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