Sunday 26 June 2022

MPME – Mobile Internet+ micropayment available


Micropayment News by Francois

The MPME or Mobile Internet+ is available on the virtual currency forms and the standard micropayment forms.

This secured micro payment solution allows french internet users to pay with a mobile phone your online contents and services by being directly charged on their operator’s invoice.

The global working of the MPME (Mobile Internet+ micro payment ) is very simple :

MPME, mobile payment : working

Benefits of MPME – Mobile Internet+

  • This payment soution covers 90% of the purchasers (Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR subscribers)
  • No bank data transmission
  • Easy, quick and secured solution
  • Purchase monitoring for your customers on their operator’s user area

To install the MPME (Mobile Internet+ micropayment) on your site, you just have to go to your Rentabiliweb’s member area and to tick the Mobile Internet+ price point that you want on your standard document.
To use it in the Virtual Currency form, it is even more easier : nothing to do, the Mobile Internet+ price points are automatically displayed.

To know the price points and outpayments, please consult our outpayments page.