Sunday 24 January 2021

With Offerpass, propose the sponsored payment to your customers


Offerpass system by Francois

OfferPass, the first sponsored payment platform in France

What is OfferPass ?

OfferPass is the first sponsored payment platform in France available on the web and Facebook.
The sponsored payment (or sponsored lead) is an innovative payment mean which allows to the advertisers to sponsor the virtual good that your customer wishes, for an action on their website or their Facebook applications.

OfferPass works in an offerwall way.

Offerwall is an innovative alternative payment platform which combines direct micropayment types (PSMS, bank card, electronic payments) with attractive CPA (Cost Per Action) offers which supply a monetization solution at 360 degrees. This allows to users to pay directly or through the affilated advertiser offers.

This innovative micropayment solution fits the performance marketing market in which Rentabiliweb stands since 2004 with strong brands like Topoffres, ConsoClient or Mailorama.

How does OfferPass work ?

Your customers are interested in your payable services from your website (or Facebook application) accessible by Rentabiliweb micropayment ?

  1. They can obtain a free code by subscribing to an offer sponsored by an advertiser, without going through the micropayment solutions,
  2. In exchange for an action to perform, (registration, form completion etc), your customers receive a free access code to enter on your site or Facebook application,
  3. The sponsor pays for the code and Offerpass manage the flow of information and data between the different actors (the site or application – the sponsor – the end customer).,
  4. Rentabiliweb is paid directly by the advertisers and credit you in real time with the free codes entered on your site: your Offerpass earnings appear on your earnings page and you are remunerated each month without delay or retention.

With OfferPass, how do I earn more ?

With OfferPass, you increase your revenue in a significative way : up to 20% turnover more.

Thanks to OfferPass, you offer a new service to your users who obtain free codes.

The available campaigns through OfferPass are presented per levels. These levels target your needs regarding the content of the website for a better relationship with the user and a better transformation.

Thanks to websites like SuperRewards or Tokenads, the sponsored payment has reached success in the United Kingdom and in the USA. The share of the payments sponsored by advertising in the total of virtual goods purchases has reached 20% in three years. Its success is based on a decrease of the purchase reluctance fely by the Internet user as he is proposed a payable service. Indeed, OfferPass allows not to go through the micropayment “compulsory” step.

With OfferPass, what do my customers win ?

As far as the Internet users and the cyber-purchasers are concerned, the advantage is real.
One quick and simple action to perform and the free micropayment code is then sent by email. In case of problem, your customer can contact Rentabiliweb support who will reply to their questions.

Is OfferPass easy to install ?

Yes, it is.

If your are not already registered on our website, go to to create your account, then log in your member area.

You just have to create a document by configuring your payment options, OfferPass is already activated.

Finally, install on your website one of the three payment forms available. You will notice that a button “Gagner des codes avec OfferPass” is present on these forms.


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